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  • assess

    your position

    assess your position:
    the honest truth about where you stand… and what it will take to win

    Other firms will tell you what they think you want to hear; we are committed to telling you what you need to hear, with no pulled punches. Your success hinges on knowing exactly what your strengths and shortfalls are, and our success comes from building bridges over them.

    We objectively measure…who and what are your targets? What competitive advantages do you need to communicate to them? How do competitors compare to you? Do you face an uphill communications battle? Where can you gain and hold ground in the public debate?

  • harness

    opinions that matter

    harness your opinions:
    the leading edge in opinion gathering

    Decades ago, we developed a signature research methodology, the Instant Response Dial Session, that fundamentally transformed business and political communication. Instead of free-form conversation in group settings, we deliver fact-based language findings built on second-by-second opinions – measurements you can see.

    Our unique dial sessions are sought out by presidential campaigns, major media outlets, and Emmy-award winning television dramas. Our language research is like nothing you’ve seen before.

  • capture

    survey data

    capture survey data:
    the gold standard in quantitative research

    We don’t just create world class language; we test every message to know how audiences think and feel about all sides of an issue. For decades, we have fielded targeted, national, & international surveys, delivering in-depth findings, nuanced data interpretation and intuitive analysis to craft and confirm language that our clients know they can rely on.

  • words

    that work

    words that work:
    the words that work… and the words that don’t

    Word by word, phrase by phrase, we build the communications strategy that takes your language and messaging to unparalleled success. We tell you what words work to achieve your goals, and what words backfire. Then we show you step-by-step how and when to use them. Just as important, we show you how to avoid the language pitfalls that have held you back before.

    And your new language dictionary and communications principles have the added benefit of two decades spent listening to what Americans really want.

  • immediate


    immediate results:
    actionable findings, immediate implementation

    We don’t deliver research data to your doorstep, then leave you to read between the numbers.

    We work with your team from top to bottom to put the right words to the best use; to prepare you for public appearances and earned media opportunities.

    Our team of experts is there to help you implement your new language tools to attain the competitive advantage you’ve been seeking.

    It couldn’t be easier.

expert communication strategists

Frank Luntz, featured guest on the View, June 30th, 2014. Click here to watch

Our work blends market research with language creation to deliver winning messaging….and no one does it better. We know…it’s a bold statement to make, but here’s why we can make it with confidence. Our creative team is made up of expert wordsmiths that know market research as well as they know language. And here’s what matters most for you: as a result, you get language that is tailored specifically to shift support towards your issue, your business or your goals…word by word, phrase by phrase. Tested, researched and perfected, using innovative polling, comprehensive market research, and instant response dial sessions – we make sure you know exactly what your audience wants, and needs, to hear.

We have counseled everyone from Presidents to Prime Ministers, Fortune 100 CEOs to non-profit organizations, even professional sports franchises and Hollywood creative teams. Our decades of experience make it possible for executives and media-facing professionals to harness the power of language to affect a target audience’s emotions, opinions and behaviors where it matters most. We help you find and use the words that work, and perhaps more importantly, the words you should avoid at all costs.

Tell us about your greatest communication challenges. We will ask America. Heck, we will ask the world…no, really…the world. Then we will deliver the answers you need with an easy to understand, step-by-step language guide guaranteed to help you succeed.

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